An uncertain future for many Afghans as US troops prepare to withdraw

April 20, 2021

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A crowd of young people are shown walking near a school with many girls wearing a white head covering.

Afghan students leave school classes in a primary school in Kabul, Afghanistan, March 27, 2021.


Rahmat Gul/AP

In recent years, thousands of Afghans have been forced out of their country because of direct threats from the Taliban. Now, with the US troop withdrawal looming, many Afghans face an uncertain future. And, US and Russia relations have reached a new low point after news that the US ambassador to Russia, John Sullivan, will be returning to the United States this week. Also, Biden administration officials have been meeting with members of Brazil's Bolsonaro government to work out a multibillion-dollar deal to curb rampant deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

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