Tragedy in Israel following a stampede at a religious gathering

April 30, 2021

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A group of emergency medical professionals are shown with a ambulance in the background.

Israeli security officials and rescuers on the scene following a stampede during a Lag Ba'Omer celebrations at Mt. Meron in northern Israel, April 30, 2021.



Tens of thousands of religious Jews gathered in northern Israel to celebrate the annual holiday of Lag BaOmer. A stampede in a steep, tunnel-like passageway started when people slipped and fell, creating a deadly crush. And, elections in India continued this week despite the massive surge in COVID-19 cases. Also, the gun culture in both Brazil and the US is similar, but the current leaders in both nations are addressing the topic differently.

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Stampede at religious festival in Israel leaves 45 dead

Top of The World: At least 45 people were killed early Friday in a stampede at a religious festival in northern Israel. And, India is now experiencing vaccine shortages across the country with several Indian states running out of jabs. Also, after two decades in what is the longest war fought by the United States, the US military has begun its formal withdrawal from Afghanistan.


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