Taliban unleashes deadly offensive amid peace talks

October 14, 2020

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Two soldiers are shown standing near a road and holding weapons with an armored vehicle parked behind them.

Afghan National Army soldiers stand guard at a checkpoint near the Bagram Airbase, April 2020.


Omar Sobhani/Reuters/File Photo

Thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes after the Taliban began an intense battle to take over the city of Lashkargah in southern Afghanistan. The fighting comes at a time when the Trump administration is negotiating a peace agreement with the militant group to withdraw US troops. And, China, Russia and Cuba all won seats on the UN Human Rights Council, provoking alarm with rights advocates given their highly dubious records. Also, music teachers in Canada are being forced to improvise amid the pandemic. Choir classes either must meet outdoors to rehearse or they simply hum and chant their way through class.

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China, Russia, Cuba elected to UN Human Rights Council; Eli Lilly COVID-19 study paused; Lebanon-Israel maritime talks begin

Notable violators were among the countries elected to the UN Human Rights Council, as Saudi Arabia failed in its bid to earn a three-year term starting Jan. 1. Independent monitors have paused new enrollment in an Eli Lilly study testing an experimental, antibody cocktail. Also, Lebanon and Israel have begun indirect talks mediated by the US over their disputed maritime border.