Reuniting families after Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policy

February 04, 2021

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A man is shown with his hands behind his head as he is apprehended by a US border agent while a small boy is standing nearby.

A Guatemalan father and son are apprehended by a US Border Patrol agent in San Diego, California, June 28, 2018.


Jae C. Hong/AP/File

It's been over three years since the Trump administration began separating families at the US-Mexico border as part of a zero-tolerance policy. This week, President Joe Biden announced a task force to reunite families, but some people have already been doing the arduous work searching for parents. And, almost a year into the pandemic, societies around the world are faced with immense contradictions. Also, carbon offsets have been gaining popularity — one project in the Maritimes provinces of Canada holds promise.

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Carbon offsets have been gaining popularity and attention as a solution to climate change. While many offsets projects have major pitfalls, some forestry experts in Canada’s Maritimes Provinces see carbon offsets as a powerful way to change forest management.


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