The race to vaccinate as new coronavirus variants emerge

January 29, 2021

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Several people are shown in white medical outfits from head-to-tow with to of them lowering a casket into the ground.

Workers prepare a coffin for burial at the special section of the Padurenan cemetery opened to accommodate the surge in deaths during the coronavirus outbreak in Bekasi, Indonesia, Jan. 28, 2021.


Achmad Ibrahim/AP

The global race toward the mass vaccination of populations continues to face hurdles around the world just as new, more contagious variants of the coronavirus are identified. And, the United Kingdom, with one of the highest COVID-19 mortality rates per capita in the world, has a new way to stop the spread of the coronavirus by putting people in hotels to quarantine. Also, long before Wuhan became known as the city where the first cases of the coronavirus were found, it had built a very different reputation as a hotbed of punk and indie rock.

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More contagious virus variant in South Africa found in US

Health authorities in South Carolina announced a more contagious variant of the coronavirus, first identified in South Africa, has been detected in the United States for the first time. And, Johnson & Johnson says its vaccine appears to protect against COVID-19 with a 66% efficacy and with just one shot. Also, a team from the WHO has begun a potentially politically charged fact-finding mission on the origins of COVID-19 in Wuhan.