Public health experts push to end an unfair border policy

March 25, 2021

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A group of men stand behind a fenced area within a detention center at the border.

In this July 12, 2019 file photo, men stand in a US Immigration and Border Enforcement detention center in McAllen, Texas, during a visit by Vice President Mike Pence. 


Josh Dawsey/Pool/File/The Washington Post via AP

When the pandemic first hit, the Trump administration used a policy called Title 42 to justify its tightening of the southern border. Plenty of critics including public health experts say the policy doesn't have a science-based approach. And India is now dealing with a surge in COVID-19 infections, this time with a new variant. Also, H&M faces calls for a boycott in China after the company spoke out about Uyghur human rights abuses and concerns over forced labor in the production of cotton in Xinjiang province.

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