Privacy concerns amid government coronavirus tracking tools

April 02, 2020

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Two surveillance cameras are shown in the nearground with a man walking in a stone walkway and wearing a protective face mask in the distance.

A man wearing a protective mask walks under surveillance cameras in Shanghai, China, as the country is hit by a novel coronavirus outbreak.


Aly Song/Reuters

Governments around the world are using digital tracking tools to stop the spread of the coronavirus. In Europe, where privacy and data protections are among the strongest in the world, there’s an effort to come up with effective digital tracking tools that are also privacy-friendly. And, the US armed forces are juggling contradictory goals — troop readiness and troop protection. Tensions around these goals are playing out in Guam and elsewhere, as military leaders prepare troops to fight, while trying to shield them from the coronavirus outbreak. Also, pretty much everything seems to have come to a complete halt. But what about romance, relationships and dating? 

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