Outrage in China over doctor's death

February 07, 2020

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A group of people are shown holding flowers and wearing face masks with skyscrapers in the distance.

People wear masks as they attend a vigil in Hong Kong for late the Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist who died of coronavirus at a hospital in Wuhan, China, Feb. 7, 2020.


Tyrone Siu/Reuters

The Chinese doctor who tried to sound the alarm of the coronavirus outbreak, but was silenced by Chinese police, has died after contracting the virus. Li Wenliang, 34, became a hero to many for standing up to authorities, and word of his death has unleashed a surge of emotion in China. And, the number of migrants in US detention facilities under the Trump administration peaked last summer, with more than 50,000 people in the system. Now, California and other states are taking steps that could reduce the number of detention centers. Plus, many Irish are feeling left out of the spoils of globalization: high rents, shaky social services and rampant inequality are taking a toll in Ireland. The Irish go to the polls this weekend, and after years on the political fringes, the left-wing Sinn Fein party could see major gains.

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