The novel coronavirus, bats and other similar viruses

July 29, 2020

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Several people are shown outside of a partially closed market stall with several pieces of meat hanging in the background.

Residents walk past stalls near a partially closed off market due to the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan in central China, April 3, 2020.


Ng Han Guan/AP

COVID-19 is considered a novel coronavirus because it is a new, undefined coronavirus identified in humans. However, a new study suggests that other similar viruses capable of infecting humans have been circulating in bats for decades. And, only a few years ago, Chinese leader Xi Jinping came to visit Great Britain for a lavish official state visit. Now, UK-British relations are decidedly more chilly. Plus, Chinese hip-hop has exploded recently, but a number of stars ignore the African American roots in their music. For some rappers, however, the police killing of George Floyd has led them to speak out against racism.

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