With new diagnosis methodology, COVID-19 cases grow

February 13, 2020

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A woman is shown wearing a face mask and stripped scarf while standing on the edge of an empty bridge.

A mother reacts as she pleads with police to allow her daughter to pass a checkpoint after she arrived from Hubei province in Jiujiang, China, Feb. 1, 2020.  


Thomas Peter/Reuters

Officials in China's Hubei province are using a new methodology to diagnose people with COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. That new methodology increased the estimated number of infected people to nearly 60,000, the vast majority of them in China. And, more than 700,000 Syrians have tried to flee fighting in Syria's north-west province since December. But with a closed Turkish border and freezing temperatures, many remain trapped between Syrian and Turkish forces, with no hope in sight. Also, the Church of England has apologized for its racist actions against African Caribbean people who came to the United Kingdom after World War II.

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