A lockdown for the entirety of Italy to contain the coronavirus

March 10, 2020

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A long train platform is shown empty of any passengers with rounded metal steel overhead.

An empty Torino Porta Susa railway station is pictured after a decree orders for the whole of Italy to be on lockdown to contain the coronavirus, in Turin, Italy, March 10, 2020.


Massimo Pinca/Reuters

From the boot's top to its toe and heel, Italy is in lockdown to try to contain the coronavirus. And, on the Greek isle of Lesbos, residents are becoming increasingly frustrated with migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers in camps there. Also, who knew that hand-washing could spur so much creativity online? Amid concerns about the new coronavirus, memes about how to wash your hands have been going viral.

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Italy moves to lock down entire country to contain coronavirus; Saudi Arabia's oil war could see backlash; Women 'disappear' in strike protesting inequality and violence

The entire country of Italy is on lockdown in an effort to contain the novel coronavirus — a unprecedented move for a democracy. Also, Saudi Arabia's oil price wars are risky for the global economy — and Saudi itself. But that seems to be Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman's style. And diplomatic relations between the US and Iran are stalled, but Iran's government buildings in Washington, DC, hold stories of wild parties.

COVID-19: The latest from The World

'Social isolation' is the only way to stop coronavirus, says Italian doctor

The government has told all Italians to stay at home and avoid non-essential travel until April 3, radically widening steps already taken in much of the wealthy north, which is the epicenter of the spreading contagion. Italy's Lombardy region in the north of the country, where Stefano Magnone works as a surgeon at the Papa Giovanni 23rd hospital, has been the hardest hit. Magnone spoke with The World's Marco Werman.