Lawmakers to address immigration amid increase in migrants at US-Mexico border

March 18, 2021

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A man is shown in shadow and wearing a brimmed hat with several pup tents shown in focus in the background.

A migrant from Honduras seeking asylum in the United States stands in front of rows of tents at the border crossing in Tijuana, Mexico, March 1, 2021.


Gregory Bull/AP

The US House is considering two immigration bills that are expected to address citizenship for young immigrants and undocumented farmworker protection. The legislation comes as the Biden administration confronts a growing humanitarian challenge at the US-Mexico border. And, a group of London teenagers recently put up guerrilla road signs that highlight the disproportional effect of toxic air on people of color. Also, a memo from Afghanistan's Ministry of Education banning girls over the age of 12 from singing in public has triggered a backlash on social media.

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