Immigration among priorities for new Biden administration

January 28, 2021

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A man is shown standing on a ladder and using a machine causing sparks to fly in the construction of a border wall.

Crews construct a section of border wall in San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge in Arizona, Dec. 8, 2020. President Joe Biden has ordered a "pause" on all wall construction.


Matt York/AP

The Biden administration has been undoing several controversial policies of the last four years including Donald Trump’s crackdown on immigration. And, with less than six months until the Tokyo Olympics are scheduled to take place, officials are still finalizing plans for how to keep athletes safe from the coronavirus. Also, cleaning, cooking and taking care of children is work typically unpaid and overwhelmingly, around the world, done by women. But a political party in India is putting forward a bold proposal that could change that.

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DHS issues warning on 'violent domestic extremists'

The DHS issued a national terrorism bulletin Wednesday on the growing threat from “violent domestic extremists." And, a near-total ban on abortion in Poland took effect after the country's top court confirmed its highly divisive ruling. Also, one person has been killed and more than 220 others have been injured in the Lebanese city of Tripoli, during protests over strict COVID-19 lockdown measures.