Hope for a green economic recovery

March 12, 2021

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Several rows of large solar panels are shown with a wide angle lens with two people at the bottom of the photo wearing yellow safety vests and hard hats.

Electricians consult a wiring schematic while installing solar panels at the 38-acre BNRG/Dirigo solar farm in Oxford, Maine, Jan. 14, 2021.


Robert F. Bukaty/AP

A new report from Oxford and the UN has found that economic recovery spending has not been as climate-focused as many advocates have been hoping for. But there’s hope for the future. And, at his address to the nation Thursday night, US President Joe Biden said that all Americans over 18 will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine by May 1. But elsewhere in the world, the picture looks very different. Also, a current hit from Cameroon, Aveiro Djess’ song “Le Nyama,” celebrates the drudgery of people working night shifts and tries to give them a sense of liberation.

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The lethal crackdown in Myanmar continues with widespread calls for the violence to end

Top of The World: The deadly crackdown on demonstrators, activists and also journalists in Myanmar has continued unabated with at least 10 more people shot to death by security forces. And, nearly a year after suffering one of the worst outbreaks of the coronavirus infections in Europe, the government in Italy is again considering new “red zone” lockdown restrictions. Also Senegal has been engulfed in deadly protests over the past week over government corruption and a crackdown on political opposition.