In Hong Kong, tear gas fills the air

December 25, 2019

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A newspaper stall owner wears a gas mask

A newspaper stall owner wears a gas mask as riot police stand guard around Mongkok during anti-government protest on Christmas day in Hong Kong, China, on Dec. 25, 2019.


Tyrone Siu/Reuters

In Hong Kong, clouds of white smoke and tear gas again fill the air as residents experience what they're calling a "white Christmas." Several clashes took place in shopping malls in prime tourist neighborhoods. Host Marco Werman speaks with one of the protest leaders about this latest escalation in the campaign against Hong Kong's government.

Also, we'll check in with James Scott at the New South Wales Rural Fire Service. He'll tell us how thousands of volunteer fire firefighters in Australia have been spending their Christmas Day, trying to control fires which have engulfed vast areas around Sydney.

Plus, at this time of over-indulgence, The World's Bianca Hillier tells us about new research on the benefits of putting on your hiking boots and going for more than a stroll around the block.

And, Carolyn Beeler reprises her journey to Thwaites glacier in West Antarctica where scientists see the consequences of warming oceans on one of the world's most remote giant glaciers.


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