A global lens on Trump’s second impeachment trial

February 09, 2021

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A fence with large rings of barbed wire is shown in the nearground with the dome of the US Capitol is soft focus in the background.

Fencing with razor wire reinforces the security zone in Washington, DC, following a deadly assault on the Capitol, Jan. 19, 2021.


J. Scott Applewhite/AP

As the second historic impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump begins in Washington, The World explores the question: What do the trial and the siege of Capitol Hill have in common with the rise of right-wing, populist politics in some eastern European countries? And, a report about how to reconcile the French and Algerian people, commissioned by French President Emmanuel Macron, has failed to recommend France apologize or make reparations for its actions in Algeria. Also, an Olympic sailing champion’s testimony of sexual assault has sparked a #MeToo movement in Greece.

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WHO team rules out lab leak as origin of the coronavirus

Top of The World: A team from the WHO said Tuesday that it is extremely unlikely the coronavirus leaked from a Chinese lab and is more likely to have jumped from animals to humans. And, mass protests challenging a military coup that removed the democratically elected government in Myanmar continue to escalate. Also, Colombia will grant nearly 1 million Venezuelan migrants living in the country temporary protected status for 10 years