A global lens on China’s National People’s Congress

March 05, 2021

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Chinese President Xi Jinping is shown with his back toward the camera and facing several rows of government officials who are clapping.

Chinese President Xi Jinping waves to delegates upon his arrial for the opening session of National People's Conference at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, March 4, 2021.


Andy Wong/AP

China's National People's Congress began Friday by setting out broad plans for economic growth. Environment observers around the world are also keeping an eye on plans from China’s top lawmaking body for reducing carbon emissions over the next five years. And, for years, the US military has depended on Afghan interpreters for language help and advice on local norms. But when troops return home, the interpreters stay behind and can face deadly threats. Also, in Colombia, a frog farm is trying to defeat poachers, by competing against them.

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China moves to tighten grip on Hong Kong in NPC

Top of The World: In a move to tighten Beijing’s grip over Hong Kong, China's the top lawmaking body unveiled a plan specifying only "patriots" can govern Hong Kong. And, the US Supreme Court has dismissed several cases related to “sanctuary cities.” Also, the Biden administration is moving to speed up asylum cases by transitioning some detention centers in Texas to processing facilities.