French police conduct raids of suspected extremists after teacher's murder

October 19, 2020

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A large group of people are shown near a make shift memorial with candles and flowers for a teacher who was killed in France.

A woman lights a candle on Republique square during a demonstration in support of freedom of speech and to pay tribute to a French history teacher who was beheaded near Paris, Oct. 18, 2020.


Michel Euler/AP

French police on Monday conducted raids of Islamic associations and individuals suspected of extremist religious beliefs after the beheading of a history teacher near Paris. The teacher was fatally attacked in the street after having shown his class caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in a discussion on free speech. And, violence between Armenia and Azerbaijan is now heading into its third week, even after multiple attempts at a ceasefire. Also, more than 50 people have died in Turkey over the past week after drinking bootleg alcohol.

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Police raided the homes of dozens of suspected Islamist extremists on Monday in France following the brutal murder of a history teacher near Paris. And, In a remarkable turn of events, former leader Evo Morales’ handpicked successor, Luis Arce, appears set to return the socialist movement back to power. Also, on Sunday the UN arms embargo on Iran barring the country from purchasing foreign weapons expired under its nuclear deal with world powers.