Embassy attack testing US and Iraq relationship

January 01, 2020

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Several Iraqi security authorities are shown standing guard behind a metal fence with smoke billowing out from the US Embassy behind them.

Members of Iraqi security forces are seen in front of US Embassy during a protest to condemn air strikes on bases belonging to Hashd al-Shaabi paramilitary forces, in Baghdad, Iraq, Jan. 1, 2020.


Khalid al-Mousily/Reuters

The attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad is testing the diplomatic relationship between the United States and Iraq. Also on this special New Year's Day edition, we take a deep dive into the Arabic typewriter. It's a tale of two inventors: His whole life, Walid Waked had been told that his great-grandfather invented the Arabic typewriter. And then, one day, he learned that another family — the Haddads — believed they invented it. We unravel the mystery. Also, we're going on another dive, this one into ice. Jill Heinerth is an underwater explorer and filmmaker who has gone scuba diving in places most of us can barely imagine, including going inside a massive iceberg in Antarctica. That iceberg dive captured dramatic images, but came with great risk.

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