Is China turning the tide on coronavirus?

March 19, 2020

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A woman is shown wearing a khaki coat and a face mask while riding an escalator upward.

Pedestrians wearing face masks ride an escalator near an overpass with an electronic board showing the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock indexes, following an outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the country, in Shanghai, China.


Aly Song/Reuters/File Photo

China reported that there were no new domestically transmitted COVID-19 cases on Wednesday. But in Italy, the death toll from coronavirus overtook China's, as hospitals said they were being overwhelmed and the government prepared to prolong emergency lockdown measures. And, governments around the world, including the US, are working to counter crashing economies. US Congress passed two coronavirus-related spending bills totaling hundreds of billions of dollars. Also, art museums around the world have shut their doors amid the outbreak, so art institutions and enthusiasts are going digital with some pretty innovative social media campaigns.

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No new domestic coronavirus cases in China; Leaders move to stabilize economies, Trump pushes $1 trillion package; In the shadow of Franco’s legacy, Spain faces its fascist history

China has reported no new domestic cases of the novel coronavirus as the epicenter of the oubreak moves to Europe. US President Donald Trump is calling for a $1 trillion economic package, including $500 billion in direct payouts to Americans. And in Spain, reverberations from history: The legacy of former dictator, Gen. Fransisco Franco still lingers — even after being erased from the national record.