Black Lives Matter solidarity protests spread globally

June 09, 2020

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A large group of people are shown in a crowd with one woman in the center carrying a sign with "Black Lives Matter" written on it.

A protester raises a "Black Lives Matter" placard during a demonstration over the death in Minneapolis police custody of George Floyd, outside the US Embassy in Athens, Greece, June 3, 2020.


Alkis Konstantinidis/Reuters

In Greece, people are staging protests and actions in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Organizers say the protests aren't just about police brutality, but also about the treatment of migrants in the country. And, voters in Georgia are voting today — most casting absentee ballots. As part of our weekly series, "Every 30 Seconds," we profile a young Latina in Atlanta, Leticia Arcila, and hear about her first time voting. Plus, Netflix has picked up its first film from Zimbabwe. "Cook Off" is a romantic comedy centered on a single mom who enters a TV cooking competition that might just change her life.

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