Anti-coup demonstrations in Myanmar turn deadly

February 22, 2021

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A large crowd of people are shown filling a street with many wearing traditional Asian hats and carrying red signs.

Anti-coup protesters fill the main road during a rally in Mandalay, Myanmar, Feb. 22, 2021.



Ever since Myanmar’s military led a coup, demonstrators have flooded the streets of major cities. Now, the tense standoff between the military and the popular uprising has taken a deadly turn after the deaths of three protesters. And, the COVID-19 vaccine effort is in many ways like no other, even to organizations like UNICEF, which has been working on vaccine outreach for decades. Also, NASA’s latest exploration of Mars with the Perseverance rover sent audio back from the Red Planet for the very first time.

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Protesters again took to the streets in defiance of military leaders in Myanmar

Top of The World. A general strike in Myanmar on Monday saw businesses, factories and other workplaces shuttered across the country despite the military junta’s warnings against such a move. And, Iran may be backing away from its threat to sharply curtail access to international inspectors from its nuclear program. Also, just one year after the first confirmed COVID-19 fatality in the US, the country is on the verge of crossing a grim milestone: 500,000 lives lost to COVID-19.