Americans head to the polls and the world is watching

November 03, 2020

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A plastic yellow sign is shown with "Vote Here/Aqui" printed on it.

A "Vote Here" sign outside of a polling station, Nov. 3, 2020, in Glendale, Arizona.


Matt York/AP

Arizona used to be firmly Republican, but now it's a battleground state as its politics and demographics have changed. And, voters heading to the polls may be feeling anxious, with all the talk of possible violence. But with the rise of hate crimes during the Trump administration, there are many Americans who have been feeling that way for the last four years. Also, the US will officially be out of the Paris climate agreement on Nov. 4. How long it remains out will depend on who wins the election.

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Americans line up at polling stations; Vienna police search for suspects; Bobi Wine arrested in Uganda

Around the globe, people are watching with great anticipation as voters in the United States head to the polls in the 2020 presidential election. Austrian police in Vienna are still searching for suspects after a gunman killed four people in an overnight shooting rampage. And, in Uganda, police have again detained popular singer and politician Bobi Wine.