Afghan women take a seat with the Taliban at the negotiating table

September 23, 2020

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Three women wearing headscarves stand together and the one in the middle, wearing glasses, smiles.

Afghan vice presidential candidate, Habiba Sarabi (center) talks to her supporters during a campaign rally in Kabul, March 26, 2014. 


Omar Sobhani/File photo/Reuters

After nearly 20 years of violence and war, representatives from the Afghan government are meeting with Taliban officials, including two women who are sitting across the table from the Taliban. And, it's getting colder in Boston and other parts of the northern hemisphere. That means more time indoors. What are the additional steps people can take to prevent transmission of the coronavirus inside? Plus, has President Donald Trump's popularity with Europe's far-right made an impact on the populist movement there? And, China has just announced an aggressive new climate target: carbon neutrality within 40 years. 

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