Part 1: The Game

January 03, 2014

Is play just for kids or could grown-ups learn a thing or two about prioritizing fun? From two brothers who become fascinated with an online universe, to a game you can play without even knowing you're playing, we explore the role games play in our lives. Plus, Howard sends Jonathan on a scavenger hunt for his missing wallet. Don't forget to listen right until the end of the episode for some extra laughs! Featuring Buzz & Dina Goldstein, Steven Hayward and Sophie Glowa.

This episode is not available for on-demand listening, but you can purchase it on iTunes.  The Mistake (Season 9, Episode 18) - EP - CBC Radio

**Correction: This episode mistakenly reported that World of Warcraft players have collectively spent 5.93 billion years playing the online game, when the actual estimate is 5.93 million years. Thanks to listener Joel Pertzsch for pointing out the error.Comments are closed.

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