Know yourself (genes and all)

December 16, 2015

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Wang Jun, former BGI Chief Executive, says his new venture iCarbonX aims to use genomics and big data to discover under what circumstances genes are expressed

Mary Kay Magistad

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Does a Chinese company's combination of genomics, big data and AI offer hope for a healthier future?

Your genome tells part of your story; so do your biometrics, data about how and where you choose to live your life. A new approach to medicine, and genomics, aims to bring together many different layers of such data, resulting in precision medicine, targeted for you. What is that worth to you? Enough to give up some privacy? Enough to pool your data with many others, so scientists can better understand how and when certain genes are expressed? In southern China, leading genomics sequencing company BGI, and a new venture, iCarbonX, are among the global players exploring what's possible.