Badass librarians of the Internet Archive

February 23, 2017

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Internet Archive staff in San Francisco

Internet Archive staff in San Francisco


Internet Archive

Librarians rock. And Internet Archive librarians, aiming to digitize and make universally available all human knowledge, including saving webpages that would otherwise disappear? They're on a whole 'nother level.

In this age of alternative facts and disappearing government websites, hear how this small group of badass librarians is working to preserve knowledge and empower investigative reporters and ordinary citizens to find webpages those with something to hide would rather you didn't find.

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Where to find what's disappeared online, and a whole lot more: the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine is much beloved by investigative reporters and others, looking to find out what a webpage looked like at some point in the past, even if it's since disappeared. But the Internet Archive's work is much more ambitious than that. Founder Brewster Kahle says through scanning books and recording video feeds around the world, it aims to make all human knowledge universally available on a decentralized Web, and illiberal impulses among leaders in America and elsewhere are only "putting a fire under our butts" to do the work, swiftly and effectively.