And That's the Way It Was: A CBS veteran talks journalism, past & future

December 29, 2015

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Peter Herford, former CBS producer and executive, self-portrait

Peter Herford

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From JFK to Black Lives Matter, he's seen journalism up close. And he's more optimistic than ever about it.

Over the past half century, Americans have gone from getting most of their news from the three big networks, to having unprecedented choices in news sources, thanks to the Internet. Navigating those choices, and deciding who to trust, is still a challenge. But Peter Herford, a former writer for Walter Cronkite and producer for 60 Minutes, reflects on his 60 years in journalism and says, for consumers of news, it's never been better.


Bonus: Teaching China's next generation of journalists to question everything

Journalists love to ask why, and authoritarian governments don't much like to be questioned. So how to teach China's future journalists to do good work despite the censors and other pressures? Former CBS veteran Peter Herford talks about his decade teaching his craft to China's next generation of journalists. A Whose Century Is It bonus episode, to accompany Episode 9: And That's the Way it Was, about the past and future of journalism from a guy who's spent the better part of a century in it.