Full story - September 21, 2016
When the rains do come to Yoro, Honduras people say it rains so hard, it rains fish.
The brothers are close and talk on the phone almost every day. Lately, because of persistent drought in their home country of Honduras, they've been having the same conversation over and over again: whether it's better to leave or better to stay in Honduras.
Full story - September 15, 2015
Jose Garcia 3
Over the years, Jose Garcia's life has collided with some of Chicago's biggest school reform efforts, including a recent teacher training effort that has him teaching at his old high school. Will he make it?
Full story - September 15, 2015
Jose Garcia 6
WBEZ’s Becky Vevea spent the last year following Jose Garcia, a young Chicagoan who went off to college and was recruited back to teach at his high school.
Full story - September 15, 2015
Jose Garcia
Some charter schools in Chicago are trying to lure the best and brightest students back into teaching in their old schools. But what does it take to build a teacher?