Julian Assange
The WikiLeaker denies the accusations and has been holed up inside Ecuador's London embassy since June 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden. Ecuador has granted Assange asylum.
The number of immigrants coming from Mexico peaked in 2003.
The Donald's presidential bid draws scorn and bemusement in Europe
What else do you do in the one of the world's coldest cities?
The group tapped into a strong undercurrent of opposition, with Bostonians worried the event was too big for such a small city.
'It is a balanced deal that means Iran won't get an atomic bomb,' said French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. 'It is a major political deal.'
The handpicked task force chairman, Domenico Scala, said he wouldn't conduct the investigation unless he had complete independence.
The guide was killed on Tuesday by a lion in a pride he was tracking with tourists in Hwange National Park, home of the country's most prized late lion Cecil.
And, they want to stop Uber from operating in their city.
The continent's youthful demographics combined with local production are a recipe for a profit.