The coronavirus pandemic has exposed entrenched health inequities for communities of color in the US and around the globe. As part of our regular series discussing the pandemic and as a special podcast in The World's feed, reporter Elana Gordon moderated a conversation with Nancy Krieger from Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Krieger recently co-authored an analysis confirming the extent of such disparities.

Full story - August 03, 2020
A few people walk or bike in shadows near a large building.
In previous years, throngs of tourists flocked to Antoni Gaudí’s masterpiece Sagrada Família basilica in Barcelona. But with hundreds of new outbreaks of the coronavirus in the northeast region of Catalonia, Spain's tourism industry is taking a serious hit.
Full story - August 03, 2020
An Afghan security person is shown holding a large rifle pointed up and wear a helmut and other military-grade equipment.
Afghan security forces said they have retaken control of a prison today after an hours-long battle a day after the facility was targeted by ISIS in a deadly attack, And, one person dies from the coronavirus in Iran every seven minutes, the country's Health Ministry spokesman said. Also, the health minister in Britain announced plans to roll out millions of new coronavirus tests that can detect the virus in 90 minutes.
Full episode - July 31, 2020
Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam is shown wearing a face mask with an image of the Hong Kong coastline in the background.
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam announced Friday that the election planned for early September will be delayed for one year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Also, the pandemic has upended long-established strategies for protecting people and property from the dangers of hurricanes, raising widespread concerns for the Bahamas as Hurricane Isaias tracks through the Caribbean. Plus, sports teams, leagues and broadcasters around the world are taking different approaches to providing crowd noise for games taking place with no fans in attendance.
Full story - July 31, 2020
Demonstrators with makeshift shields protest against President Evo Morales' reelection, in La Paz, Boliva, Nov. 6, 2019.
Patricia Arce, mayor of the Bolivian city of Vinto, has operated under a cloak of fear since November, when a mob attacked her in the street and demanded her resignation in the wake of postelection clashes. But she has held on to her role amid rising human rights abuses under the interim national government.
Full story - July 31, 2020
Dr. Georgina Keogh, a doctor at St George’s Hospital in London, stands beside a portrait of her painted by artist Jane Clatworthy as part of an NHS portrait series project.
A UK project is using the hashtag #PortraitsforNHSHeroes to pair health care workers with artists who are painting their portraits as a way to show appreciation for their work during the pandemic.
Full episode - July 31, 2020
Glen Powell is shown behind a stack of cookbooks and holding one up titled, "My Favorite Recipe."
From The World and PRX, this is The Number in the News. Today’s number: 90. Since early 2019, Glen Powell has been sharing recipes from vintage cookbooks, including many from the Depression era, on his YouTube channel, "Glen & Friends Cooking." But as the coronavirus crisis has forced home cooks to get creative in the kitchen, some of these 90-year-old recipes have gone viral recently.
Full story - July 31, 2020
People swim near a partially flooded pavilion near banks of Yangtze River
This year, record rainfall in China caused the longest river, the Yangtze, to overflow, leading to serious damage. But environmental experts say that a range of ecological strategies like tree planting and floodplain restoration over the last decade have helped to mitigate the impact of extreme flooding.
Full story - July 31, 2020
Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam is shown walking into a room and holding a blue folder.
Beijing-backed Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has announced the upcoming parliamentary elections for September will be delayed a year. And, the coronavirus pandemic has had a blistering impact on the 19-country eurozone economy, which shrank more than 12% in the last quarter. Also, the US National Hurricane Center says Storm Isaias has strengthened into a hurricane near the Bahamas, prompting widespread concerns amid the coronavirus crisis.
Full story - July 30, 2020
Former US Marine Trevor Reed, who was detained in 2019 and accused of assaulting police officers, stands inside a defendants' cage during a court hearing in Moscow, Russia July 30, 2020.
A Russian court sentenced a former US Marine to nine years in prison Thursday over a drunken incident he says he cannot remember. The World’s host Marco Werman spoke to Michael McFaul, the former US ambassador to Russia, about what the case means for US-Russia relations.