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Two young children are shown playing with a grocery cart with container homes shown in the background.
Almost two-thirds of asylum-seekers in Greece are women and children. Greece continues to struggle with how to accommodate migrants — especially this new population, which has needs that are unique to pregnant and nursing mothers and babies.
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Several people on stilts and others line a street
Hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans participated in protests demanding the resignation of Gov. Ricardo Rosselló. Poet laureate Raquel Salas Rivera speaks with Marco Werman about the movement for change in Puerto Rico.
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A large group of people are shown walking down the street and holding a long banner with the word "Renuncia" printed on it.
In Hong Kong, demonstrators accuse the police of looking the other way as thugs, armed with sticks, beat them up during peaceful pro-democracy demonstrations. Meanwhile, protesters in Puerto Rico are demanding that the island's governor resign over a scandal involving leaked messages sent by the governor and his close aides. And, just days after the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, India has launched a new mission to the moon.
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Musicians sit on a stage in blue lighting
As emigration changed the make-up of Portugal's Azores islands, musician Rafael Carvalho and his students are reviving nearly-lost traditions.
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The reflection of several women are shown in water with just the bottom part of their legs shown at the top of the photograph.
It's official: Last month was the hottest June on record for our planet. We'll take a look at past and future temperature trends. Plus, tensions between the US and Iran have created a high alert situation in the Gulf region. And, some Muslims question whether to go on the hajj this year because of Saudi Arabia's human rights record.
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Mick Jagger, left, and guitarist Keith Richards perform during the kick-off show of the Rolling Stones' "No Filter" tour at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. June 21, 2019.
Businesses worldwide are looking for alternatives to single-use plastic cups.
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A radio telescope dish at sunset.
It's thanks to the Parkes Observatory in Australia that people around the world got to see the moon landing on television screens in 1969.
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people line up to vote in north korea
North Koreans get to “vote” this weekend. Here’s how their elections work.
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Every year, millions of Muslims from around the world descend upon Mecca, Saudi Arabia for the Hajj.
In August, roughly 2 million Muslims will descend upon Mecca in Saudi Arabia to complete one of the most important rituals in Islam. This year, some Muslims are questioning whether they should go.
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transgender lawmaker
In countries where right-wing leaders have come to power, like Brazil, many new young, diverse leaders are choosing to run for office. São Paulo has elected the country’s first transgender Afro Brazilian lawmaker.