The conflict between South Korea and Japan has been going on for decades, but the past few months are somewhat uncharted territory for the two countries, which have nevertheless enjoyed robust trade. Today, six in 10 South Koreans are currently participating in the “No Japan” boycott.

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Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren each stand at their podiums on the debate stage
US leaders frequently point to Canada's health care system as a solution for America's expensive private insurance model. But is it?
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woman makes a bed
Thousands of migrant children have been rescued off the coast of Sicily over the last four years. Many traveling alone. So, where did they go?
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Several green John Deere trackers are shown in a row with a sign for the company in the background.
US and Chinese negotiators sit down for trade talks this week while the effects of the trade war continue to hurt American businesses. Also, the Philippines has been named as the most dangerous place for environmental activists. Plus, a Dutch city is planting bee-friendly gardens on the rooftops of its bus stop shelters.
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Cyclist ride in front of a bus shelter with flowers planted on the roof.
More than 300 bus shelters have been transformed into bee-friendly green hubs to support biodiversity in the Dutch city of Utrecht.
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Protesters hold signs and yell during a protest.
The NGO Global Witness detailed in its annual report how the Philippines has been identified as the deadliest country in the world for environmental activists, in large part due to violence and intimidation from the mining, energy, and logging industries.
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an asylum-seeker in Italy sits at the bottom of some stairs in Genoa
The cuts have wiped out all integration initiatives for asylum-seekers. In many cases, centers can no longer provide language and culture classes, professional training, public transport vouchers, psychological support, medical care or legal aid.
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Retired engineer Robert Ozarski invented a device to easily raise and lower bikes from a ceiling. He invested $250,000 out of his retirement savings to start his company, Kradl, but isn’t sure about the future of his startup due to the US-China trade war.
The president ripped into China this morning just as the two countries are set to resume negotiations on trade. Trump claimed that China was slow-walking a deal, waiting for a new president. But as the trade war drags on, there are real-world consequences for businesses and entrepreneurs.
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A man speaks into a microphone
Rep. John Ratcliffe, set to replace Dan Coats as the US spy chief, doesn't have the deep intelligence background of former directors of national intelligence, says Carrie Cordero, a fellow with the Center for a New American security.
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Rep. John Ratcliffe is shown speaking behind a microphone and wearing a blue suit coat with a pink tie.
President Donald Trump said on Sunday he would nominate Rep. John Ratcliffe, a Texas Republican who strongly defended him at a recent congressional hearing, to replace Dan Coats as director of national intelligence. What kind of impact will this change have with intelligence agencies of our allies? Also, Hong Kong police have appeared to rely more and more on tear gas against civilians to disrupt street protests. Yet, most countries have agreed not to use it — even as a weapon of war on the battlefield. Plus, it's pure joy in Colombia after Egan Bernal won the Tour de France, becoming the first winner from South America. The 22-year-old is the youngest rider to win the race in 110 years.
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Two men sit at a desk and sign a paper
The INF treaty between the US and Russia, two nuclear superpowers, slowed down the nuclear arms race. On Aug. 2, that treaty will come to an end.