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A shirt with the words "Census counts 2020."
The US Justice Department recently announced their intention to continue to add the citizenship question to the 2020 US census. This move caused concern among critics and activists who fear this will discourage undocumented immigrants from filling out the census. Greisa Martinez, with the immigration rights group United We Dream, spoke to Marco Werman about the controversy.
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A doctor visits a patient in the cube isolation booth
Health workers are using a new kind of isolation unit to treat Ebola patients. Called "the CUBE," the transparent walls of the room allow for more interaction between doctors and patients — and family members.
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Two women walk with their hands clasped together as they're surrounded by a crowd of reporters
Prosecutors say financier Jeffrey Epstein allegedly found underage girls through a man who promised the women modeling contracts in the US. How common is this scheme to snare women into trafficking rings?
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A woman speaks into a microphone at a desk. In front of her is a placard that says United Kingdom.
As Iran threatened to restart centrifuges on Monday, the UK's ambassador to the UN says Britain and other European countries are still searching for "a possible route back to compliance."
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A woman wearing a shawl and a man wearing glasses are shown walking past a mural of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in front of an Iranian flag.
Iran says it has breached a nuclear enrichment level set out in the 2015 nuclear deal. But Britain's ambassador to the United Nations, Karen Pierce, says the UK hasn't ruled out the possibility of getting Iran back into full compliance with the pact. Also, as billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein faces charges of running a sex-trafficking operation that lured dozens of underage girls, The World looks at the problem of international sex trafficking and the legal jeopardy its victims face. Plus, the chants of "Equal Pay!" rang out in the stadium in Lyon, France, on Sunday after the US team won the Women's World Cup. When it comes to soccer — and all professions — the global struggle against the gender pay equity gap is real.
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (center), Cabinet Secretary Tzachi Braverman (right) and Minister of Foreign Affairs Israel Katz (left), attend the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem on July 7, 2019.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been a fierce critic of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. But now that the deal appears to be collapsing, Israel isn’t exactly celebrating.
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Ash Carter sits in the WGBH studios in boston
Former Secretary of Defense Ash Carter says the US and President Trump don't want a war in Iran. But the two countries could find themselves in an "unintentional conflict."
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A woman cools off by splashing water on her face.
Most of the world's heat waves are getting more intense, says meteorologist Geert Jan van Oldenborgh. "What is surprising is the rate of increase in heat waves — [which is] much faster than we expected."
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Firas Yordi, a Venezuelan of Lebanese descent, in front of his new restaurant in Beirut. He returned to his parents' homeland last year amidst Venezuela's financial crisis.
Some Venezuelans of Lebanese descent are reverse-migrating, fleeing Venezuela's economic crisis and finding refuge in the country of their ancestors.