Full episode - January 08, 2021
A large crowd of people are shown holding small US flags with screens showing Donald Trump's eyes in the distance.
The attack on US Capitol building Wednesday by a mob of pro-Trump extremists has raised new questions about US national security. And, the top infectious disease doctor in the US and incoming medical adviser to President-elect Joe Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci, discusses the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, lessons from the past, and what changes to expect in the US response as Biden takes office. Also, thousands of apple varieties exist around the world. Now, thanks for a serendipitous find in southwest England, a new fruit could soon be added to the list.
Full story - January 08, 2021
Violent protesters loyal to President Donald Trump storm the US Capitol, Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington.
Back in November, Sri Lankan writer Indi Samarajiva wrote a prescient essay titled, "I lived through a stupid coup. America is having one now." After a violent Trump-backed mob attacked the US Capitol on Wednesday, Samarajiva shares what the US might learn from Sri Lanka.
Full story - January 08, 2021
A station passageway is crowded with commuters wearing face mask during a rush hour Friday, Jan. 8, 2021, in Tokyo. 
New coronavirus cases have surged in the US with more than 4,000 deaths in a single day on Jan. 7, making it the nation’s deadliest day for the pandemic. China locks down Shijiazhuang, a city of 11 million, after cases spike, and Japan issues a state of emergency for Tokyo.
Full story - January 07, 2021
A protester walks past the Russell Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, Jan. 8, 2021.
Outside observers watched with disbelief as a violent mob of Trump supporters stormed Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, the seat of US power.
Full story - January 07, 2021
Supporters of President Donald Trump climb the West wall of the the US Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington, DC.
Newly elected Rep. Mondaire Jones of New York was in the Capitol on Wednesday when pro-Trump extremists breached the building. "We need to remove this president. He's shown himself to be a danger even in the final weeks of his presidency," Jones said.
Full episode - January 07, 2021
A large crowd of people are shown forcing their way past armed security officers at the US Capitol building.
The US has presented itself as a beacon of democracy around the world. How have the events of this week impacted the US’ image? And, among those who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday were supporters of QAnon, a dangerous conspiracy theory that has grown internationally. Also, host Carol Hills speaks with Sri Lankan writer Indi Samarajiva who shares his experience living through the recent coup in his country and the violent events that followed.
Full story - January 07, 2021
US Capitol police with guns drawn stand near a barricaded door as members of a mob try to break into the House Chamber in Washington.
In the hours after pro-Trump extremists stormed the US Capitol building on Wednesday, world leaders condemned the chaos and violence that erupted as Trump loyalists attempted to overturn Nov. 3 US presidential election results won by Joe Biden.
Full episode - January 06, 2021
Rioting protesters are shown breaking throw a police barrier with the US Capitol building shown in the background.
The peaceful transition of power is a democratic principle that for the most part hasn't been challenged here in the US. But this year, after this election, many Americans are nervous as angry supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday. And, in contrast to other vaccination programs, in Israel, health officials have been vaccinating about 1.5% of the population every day. Also, a valuable painting by Wassily Kandinsky is in a major museum in Amsterdam. It once belonged to a Jewish family before World War II. Now the heirs are suing to get it back.
Full story - January 06, 2021
A health worker gives a shot in the arm to a person with silver hair in front of a blue and white Israeli flag.
New cases have surged to a three-month high in Israel, but health authorities have still managed to vaccinate about 50% of the country’s high-risk population.
Full story - January 06, 2021
This forest in a region of Austria known as the wood quarter is managed according to “close-to-nature” practices, or Pro Silva standards.
The ancient technique of astute observation, low-intervention forestry allows trees to grow and age before harvest.