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The World - Episode 20071119 - Building homes for South Africans

Correspondent Rhoda Metcalfe reports on efforts to build homes for the many South Africans who live in shacks. A recent building blitz by foreign volunteers built some 200 homes for impoverished South Africans in just one week. The project also raised questions about the South African government's own housing efforts.

The World - Episode 20071119 - Geo answer

For today's Geo Quiz we were looking for the home town of Iran's soccer team, Persepolis. The answer is the Iranian capital, Tehran. Anchor Marco Werman finds out how the team is faring on the field from the BBC's John Leyne.

The World - Episode 20071119 - Pakistan's lawless tribal areas

The United States is worried about Pakistan's tribal areas, near the border with Afghanistan. That's where the Pakistani government is battling al Qaeda and Taliban-linked militants. Given Pakistan's current political instability, Washington is reportedly considering enlisting tribal leaders to deal directly with the militants. Anchor Marco Werman discusses the notion with BBC correspondent Haroon Rashid in Islamabad.

The World - Episode 20071119 - Pakistan politics

The World's Matthew Bell has the latest on the politics in Pakistan as it enters its third week of emergency rule under President Pervez Musharraf. Pakistan's Supreme Court today threw out the main legal challenges to last month's re-election of Musharraf to another five year term in office. And Musharraf is showing no sign of giving in to President Bush's public demands.

The World - Episode 20071119 - Children caught in deadly attacks in Iraq

Three US soldiers were killed in a rocket attack yesterday in Iraq. But they weren't the only victims...three Iraqi children also lost their lives. The soldiers were handing out toys, sports equipment, and treats in a playground. It's not the first time US soldiers were attacked when giving out treats to Iraqi children. Anchor Marco Werman finds out more from Rear Admiral Greg Smith, US military spokesman at the American Embassy in Baghdad.