In Glasgow police and government officials are being held up for the work they've done to reduce gang violence in the city. But the efforts in Scotland's largest cities have a decided American basis.
An Israeli graphic designer has become the unwitting organizer of an online protest against a military attack on Iran. The online movement comes the same time others are organizing in-person rallies against military action.
Pope Benedict XVI spent the weekend in one of Mexico's most conservative and deeply Catholic states, Guanajuato. But elsewhere in Mexico, the Catholic Church is battling to hold onto its followers as more Mexicans turn to evangelical Christianity.
In the 1990s, thousands were massacred in the provinces of the former Yugoslavia. It took years, really, for the international community to intervene and stop the killing. Now some are worried the situation in Syria may devolve into that sort of mass killing -- if it hasn't already.
As Greece tries to recover from the bailouts, the failed economy and the austerity measures, a small group of protesters have gathered outside the European Central Bank in Germany to criticize the measures that bank has insisted on in order for Greece to access the bailout funds it needs.
Last week, astronomers based in the Atacama desert in Chile released the widest deep view of the sky ever made using infrared light. The image reveals more than 200,000 galaxies and offers viewers a chance to look back in time to the early years of the universe.
China's lawyers are hardly independent today, but a new regulation from the country's Ministry of Justice would require all attorneys to swear allegiance to the Communist Party before being granted a license to practice law.
Pope Benedict XVi is travelling to Mexico this weekend to say mass and meet the faithful. But he's coming at a time of deep division among Mexican Catholics. Mexico City has passed liberal laws allowing for same-sex marriage and abortions — two practices banned by the Catholic Church and in much of the rest of Mexico.
As Canada confronts its need for electricity and a desire to reduce the amount of carbon it pumps into the atmosphere, it's turning to two, large hydroelectric dams in Labrador. But there's potential for other environmental damage that has many in the area saying "no thanks."
The Whitechapel Foundry has been making bells for more than four centuries. They've made the bell atop Big Ben, in Westminster Abby and a host of less prominent ones as well. Now, the foundry's employees are enjoying some very high-profile work -- a series of bells for Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee and another bell for the Olympics.