Rasquera, population about 3,000, has a budget problem. Roughly $1.5 million in debt from run-of-the-mill infrastructure projects. Like most Spanish communities, the economic downturn and debt crisis has laid it low, but a new plan has emerged, grow marijuana, that could pay off its bills -- if it doesn't split the town in half first.
A Scottish National Park, believed to be home to $300 million worth of gold, will be the home of a new gold mine at some point this year. And while some environmentalists are against the project, most locals are squarely behind it. They say it's a dose of much-needed economic development.
Across the world, scientists are trying to determine where seasons are shifting. Spring arriving earlier, winter arriving later — it's happening in many countries. Now, the question is, what will be the consequences of that change.
Scientist Eric Stroud spent years as a pharmaceutical chemist. But, after an unpleasant cruise the Bermuda, he gave that up in order to pursue research in ways to protect humans from sharks. But his work has also shifted to ways to protect sharks from humans. And he's made fascinating findings.
In Turkey, the civil strife in Syria has meant refugees streaming across the border. In mostly-Muslim Turkey, most Turks are staunchly on the side of the Sunni Muslims trying to overthrow Assad rule. But in Hatay province, a former Syrian province and one of the most diverse provinces in the country, more people support Assad, perhaps than anywhere outside of Syria.
Gaza Strip residents have struggled to get fuel for their vehicles because of a variety of factors that have led to a severe shortage of gasoline and diesel. Perhaps worse, though, the only power plant in Gaza runs on diesel so a fuel shortage has meant 18 hours a day without electricity.
Pakistan has a very small but devoted community of stand-up comics. It may be no larger than three men, but they've got a niche audience and are looking to propel their relative success in Pakistan's urban area to international attention as well.
After World War II, millions of Ukrainians became refugees when the Soviet Union began ethnic cleansing. George Orwell's novel "Animal Farm" became popular among Ukrainian refugees, as it reminded them of the hardships they endured under Stalinist rule.
Politics in post-apartheid South Africa is dominated by two political parties: The Democratic Alliance, which is seen as a party of white and mixed-race voters, and the African National Congress, which is supported primarily by black voters. Recently, the Democratic Alliance has tried to attract more black voters and become the new majority party.
Humans have used fire for hundreds of thousands of years -- and used it in myriad ways. But a new study out this week, based on research in South Africa, shows that humans — or more precisely, their ancestors -- may have been using fire as much as a million years ago.