Trump announced the plan, billed as the "deal of the century," in Washington, DC, alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Tuesday. But missing from the announcement were Palestinians — who preemptively rejected the proposal, citing pro-Israel bias. One Palestinian activist speaking prior to the plan's unveiling called it a "scam."

Sunday's elections in Myanmar mark the end of the beginning of a time of fundamental change for that nation's democratic activists. No longer confined to the margins, some organizations are wondering there's still a rationale for their existence.
Recent attention and criticism of Liberia's cultural practice of female genital cutting may have had a positive impact. Or, at the very least, something has changed. A group of female traditional leaders announced what amounts to a four-year suspension of the practice -- and the government is trying to make that suspension permanent.
American women playing basketball can make a few bucks in the WNBA. But more and more, the elite women in the WNBA are spending the league's off-season overseas, competing in Russia to make a few extra dollars while they're still in prime playing shape.
The Israeli Supreme Court ruled that a settlement outpost that was constructed illegally must be evacuated this year, and not on a timeline that could keep people there though 2015. That could mean some 100 other illegal outposts will have to evacuated, and soon.
In the United States, it's pretty easy to find Mexican mangoes on store shelves. But many say they're nowhere near as good as Pakistani mangoes. Now there's an effort to increase Pakistani mango imports to the United States, but there have been snags.
The leaders of a military coup in Mali have issued a new constitution for the country while thousands of their supporters rally in the capital Bamako and protest foreign interference.
Genetic tests allow doctors to diagnose disease and patients to glimpse their medical future, but the knowledge of what's in your DNA doesn't always help. One English man discovered that the tests didn't change his life -- and in fact left him with a tough question.
Germans have had a form of national healthcare for about 100 years. Conservative and liberals, employees and employers all embrace the national system as one that leads to a healthier, more productive workforce. So, when it comes to understanding the U.S. debate, they're left scratching their heads.
In Mexico this month, a cave was found with the remains of more than 160 people. As Mexico's drug war rages on, the immediate thought was this was a mass grave of people killed by drug dealers. It wasn't. And when officials determined that they swept the remains up in large trash bags and hauled them off without respect for the history they represent.
In Glasgow police and government officials are being held up for the work they've done to reduce gang violence in the city. But the efforts in Scotland's largest cities have a decided American basis.