Girls eating their lunch at a government school in Bawani Khera village, in south central Haryana.
On the one hand, India’s school lunch program encourages children from lower-caste communities to enroll in school. And where the program works well, it brings children from different castes together. But in some states, the program is actually used as a tool to reinforce discrimination.
What do you think of how Univision’s World Cup commentators refer to players of different races? One critique has sparked a rich debate online.
Nabih Bulos
The situation in Iraq is complex, with sects and factions battling for territory and control. It can be hard to follow, and we've gotten a lot of questions from listeners about the reality on the ground. So we invited Los Angeles Times correspondent Nabih Bulos to take your questions in a live Q&A on our Facebook page.
Muslim cabbies pray at a BP station in downtown Manhattan while patrons pump gas.
More than a year ago, PRI's The World decided to bring the stories and voices of US immigrants more deeply into national media coverage. Today, we were honored for our work covering diversity in the United States.
Rubik's cube doole by Google
On the 40th anniversary of the Rubik's Cube, PRI's The World Host Marco Werman muses on how icons like Rubik's Cube and Jell-O have forever been altered by the roles they played in history.
Kate Mitchell undergoes a cesarean section
Last year, Kate Mitchell became one of the 32 percent of US mothers who give birth via Cesarean section. Yet her intention was to avoid a C-section. Guidelines released in February outline steps to avoid unnecessary Cesarean sections, steps that hospitals and practitioners agree with. So why do Cesarean rates remain at all-time highs?
Cecile and Stan at the Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center.
Can you name the West African country that borders the Central African Republic and is home to a 200-acre chimpanzee rescue center? It's located near the Sanaga River and home to 72 chimpanzees, many orphaned by illegal traders in bush meat.
Here's a Geo Quiz that comes straight from a listener and someone who loves geography and Africa in just about equal measure. Bill Moseley is a former Peace Corp volunteer and now a professor of geography at Macalester College.
The imminent demise of the American U-2 spy plane reminded The World's environment editor Peter Thomson of an odd story linking the plane with one of his favorite places, Siberia's Lake Baikal.
Boston Marathon memorial of runners shoes
This weekend, a dancer and runner who lost her foot in the Boston Marathon bombing refused to go on a national television show about the tragedy without a guarantee — she didn't want the names of the alleged bombers mentioned. PRI's The World senior producer Jeb Sharp looks at why some people need to move on, while others still want to understand what happened.