Studies of chimpanzees may provide some answers to our fear and suspicion of foreigners.
Retired police detective files several Freedom of Information requests to access Jack the Ripper case files.
Pressure on the Syrian regime and its violent crackdown on dissent stepped up a notch as Turkey's foreign minister arrives in Damascus for talks.
In contrast to the US, South American countries have recently seen a booming economy and low unemployment.
A new study estimates the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have cost the U.S. between $2.3 to $2.6 trillion.
Food security experts were reluctant to use the famine label for East Africa's food crisis, but the U.N. has declared famine in parts of Somalia.
The defense budget has become 'bloated' and shouldn't be 'off limits' to cuts say some Tea Party members.
An app allows people to see a united Korea through augmented reality.
Egypt's former president goes on trial for corruption and ordering the killing of demonstrators, and could face the death penalty.
New English language proficiency test for would-be immigrants in the UK challenged in court case.