How Western companies like Nokia Siemens Networks have allowed their technology to be used to suppress dissent in countries like Bahrain.
US and European sanctions on Syria putting the hurt on an economy already reeling from instability and uncertainty.
Popular and politically influential cartoonist, Ali Ferzat, attacked by masked gunmen believed to be linked to current Syrian regime.
The Mexican government is offering a $2.4 million reward for information leading to those behind a casino attack which killed over 50.
Google brings its Street View project to the Amazon forest -- images of the river and communities will be turned into 360-degree panoramas.
Ray Kurzweil takes 150 pills a day in an effort to live until technology allows him to move into a non-biological form.
Libya's new ambassador to the US says the new government will not wait for Gadhafi to be found before they begin work on rebuilding the country.
While Obama administration's new deportation policy recognizes same-sex couples as family, it only applies to people already in deportation process.
The US prepares to release $37 billion of Lybia's assets tied up in cash, real estate and shares of US companies.
Glenn Beck's rally in Jerusalem gets mixed reactions from Israelis -- some appreciate his support, others are asking him to 'stay home.'