The 75-year-old former playwright became the first president of Czechoslovakia after communist rule and oversaw the peaceful separation of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
The new constitution of South Sudan is one of the most progressive in Africa. It guarantees freedom of the press, however in practice, reality is very different.
Augusta Chiwy was a nurse in Bastogne when German encircled the town during the World War II Battle of the Burge. She volunteered to help, saved countless lives and narrowly escaped her own death. She was honored this week by the United States.
Commission finds that while improvements are needed, there's every reason to believe that experiments that were conducted in Guatemala in the 1940s can never happen again.
When Wikileaks unveiled its cache of U.S. diplomatic cables, experts predicted the dawn of a new age in sharing classified documents. The exact opposite has happened.
In nearly 40 years, tower racing has gone from a nice idea to a sport that draws thousands of people. But, perhaps, could it be a ticket to the best, safest form of exercise in an increasingly urban environment.
China and India are trying to establish a measure of control over the Indian Ocean and a small island nation, the Maldives, is at the center of the tensions between the two.
Many who work in Britain's financial services sector are feeling the weight of public antipathy and failure and it's driven people to substance abuse and even illness. But they're unlikely to find much sympathy among an outraged public.
As Rwanda moves out of the shadow of its devastating genocide of the mid 1990s, an independent media, mostly on the radio, is stepping forward and trying to forge its own identity, while confronting a dark past.
After the Bolshevik Revolution, communist leaders in Russia solved the urban housing crisis by seizing the luxury apartments of the rich and turning them into communal housing projects, the kommunalka. Each family got a room and then all the families, three, four, five of them, shared the kitchen and bathrooms. Some older Russians miss those times.