China by far is bearing the biggest burden of the new coronavirus outbreak — only about 100 cases have been reported outside the country. But on Thursday, the World Health Organization declared it a public health emergency of international concern, while at the same time recommending countries not limit trade and travel to China. Michael Mina, an infectious disease specialist at Harvard, explains what's known at this point about this disease and the best ways to respond.

The Olympic torch relay is underway in the United Kingdom right now. More than 8,000 people will carry the torch some distance across Britain before the Olympic games start. But some of them are choosing to take the torch and sell them.
Three people are dead and two people are missing after a particularly dangerous weekend on Mount Everest. This is the very narrow time-period when climbing to the summit is possible, and with increasing commercialization it's becoming more popular. But some expert climbers say that's incredibly dangerous.
From the 1950s through the 1970s, the United Kingdom administered a test to all of its 11-year-old. Students who passed got the golden ticket, grammar schools, college and social mobility. Those who failed, the vast, vast majority, were ticketed to less prestigious schools and careers in factories, as garbage collectors and other blue collar positions.
Egypt's presidential elections are set for this week. The candidates all seem to be lining up to claim the mantle of preserver of the revolution and champion of Islam. But who will capture the populace and excite them enough to be elected remains to be seen.
Spartan Arinze is pursuing the American dream, in China. He's created a social network for Nigerians and Nigerians living in China called Gbooza! It's part Facebook, part Huffington Post and completely devoted to Nigerians. It's not a run-away success yet, but Arinze is confident.
Environmental dumping is a major problem in Italy, and its source can often be tracked back to organized crime. A new, small unmanned aerial vehicle is being tested to help not only catch polluters in the act, but track pollution back to its source.
Istanbul is trying to show that it's becoming a more modern society and as part of that, some officials have decided they need to curtail certain practices. Among them is a ban on shouting in Istanbul's famous open-air market.
A number of Africans, especially from Eritrea, are coming to Israel in search of protection from persecution back home. But they're not finding a warm welcome, and now politicians there are talking about rounding them up and deporting them out of the country.
Ratko Mladic went on trial at The Hague this week, accused of committing war crimes during the ethnic violence there in the 1990s. He'd been on the run for years. His trial, though, has kindled strong feelings in Serbia and caused his foes and his fans to engage in an ongoing graffiti war.
As Greece tries to get its political and financial house in order, the return of the drachma seems ever more possible. But that might not be the salve some Greek leaders want it to be. The consequences for Greece could quickly spiral beyond their control.