France is wild about Nutella, the hazelnut-flavored chocolate sauce that's perfect at any meal. But to make it requires palm oil, and French legislators have an eye on palm oil with a new tax. It's just the latest in the fat tax movement by governments around the world.
We're intimately familiar with the five basic senses: sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. But what if there were a sixth, or seventh? An English scientist is trying to research how technology can give us additional senses.
Spain has one of the strictest eviction laws in the world. Not only do people lose their homes, but they remain liable for the full value of the mortgage -- as do their descendants. But after at least three eviction-related suicides, much of the country has said enough is enough.
Anyone who owns a dog knows that each one is a little different, with a distinctive personality. At the Clever Dog Lab at the Veterinary University of Vienna, scientists are trying to figure out where that personality comes from -- and how it can be tapped.
As Egypt's Muslim-dominated government consolidates and organizes, there's a move to remake Egyptian law in a more conservative image. This week, the country's public prosecutor ordered a ban on online pornography be implemented.
Soosan Firooz grew up a refugee, fleeing Afghanistan's brutal civil war. But her family moved back seven years ago, and now she's supporting herself as a rapper -- a role not typically played by women.
There's a legal battle brewing over who has the rights to own towering statues from Cambodia's 10the century Khmer empire. The United States recently seized several, on behalf of the Cambodian government, but there's a court case brewing over just who should own these impressive statues.
Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama haven't exactly gotten along over the years, but they're inextricably linked. As Obama prepares to move into his second term, Netanyahu is trying to repair relations -- to make sure bad relations between the two don't keep him from winning his own election.
Nelson Mandela led South Africa out of the apartheid era and on Tuesday, South Africa honored him by putting his face on the face of the country's money. The new, advanced security bills feature Africa's indigenous animals on the reverse side.
In Tuesday's elections, in New York City, Bengali voters were supposed to get ballots in their old language. That didn't happen, and advocates for immigrants say that's not fair.