The conflict between South Korea and Japan has been going on for decades, but the past few months are somewhat uncharted territory for the two countries, which have nevertheless enjoyed robust trade. Today, six in 10 South Koreans are currently participating in the “No Japan” boycott.

The big worry once fighting in Libya is over: locating all the weapons looted from Libyan army depots over the last six months.
Instead of avoiding taxes during tough economic times, France's super rich have signed a petition asking the government to raise their taxes.
Across Africa, there have been organized efforts to prevent HIV-positive women from having children -- some are being paid, others being sterilized without their consent.
Roswell UFO was actually a Russian spy plane flown by Nazi mutants -- this and other conspiracy theories that Russians don't find so far-fetched.
Increasingly sidelined, Pakistan's transgender people are cut off from mainstream society, with many currently living as beggars and sex workers.
From America to Spain and Italy, how the threat of strikes and bankruptcy threatened sports teams this year.
A new study finds extreme hot weather doubles the risk of civil conflict in tropical countries.
How Western companies like Nokia Siemens Networks have allowed their technology to be used to suppress dissent in countries like Bahrain.
US and European sanctions on Syria putting the hurt on an economy already reeling from instability and uncertainty.
Popular and politically influential cartoonist, Ali Ferzat, attacked by masked gunmen believed to be linked to current Syrian regime.