Special Counsel Robert Mueller turned in his report to US Attorney General on Friday after almost two years of investigation. On Sunday, Barr sent a four-page letter to Congress. A key quote: "While this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him," Barr quoted Mueller as writing in his report on the issue of possible obstruction of justice.

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Migrants sitting and laying on mats are shown spread across a high school gymnasium floor.
The border city is a case study in how Mexican municipal and state-level officials are charged with handling the effects of increasingly restrictive US immigration policies largely on their own.
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Thai elections
Imagine if, in the US, the House of Representatives was elected, but the Senate was entirely chosen by the Pentagon. That crudely approximates what Thailand’s junta has created.
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The white house
Special Counsel Robert Mueller today delivered his report to the Attorney General, marking the end of an investigation that started nearly two years ago. What do we know about the finances of President Trump? And pressure has been building on museums and other institutions to reject philanthropic support from the Sackler family, whose fortune derives from its pharmaceutical company and profits from the prescription painkiller OxyContin. And Bolivians celebrate "Día Del Mar" this weekend, a holiday which marks when the country lost its coastline to Chile 140 years ago.
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a knitted clitoris is held in front of the Camden Market sign
Iceland already has a penis museum.
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A woman with a microphone addresses the crowd surrounding her in the rain.
Democrats in the House of Representatives introduced landmark immigration legislation that would extend paths to legal status for an estimated 2.6 million non-citizens in the US. The bill is historic, say immigration advocates, even though it’s not likely to pass.
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A woman sits at a desk flipping through books.
Some cherished traditions at Wesleyan College have roots in the KKK. Administrators are launching diversity discussions and students have ended some practices in an effort to deal with the school's difficult history.
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an aerial shot of the destruction of Idai
The recent storms provide a grim reminder of the prospect of future tropical cyclones in a region under continued threat from climate change.
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Black and white photo of Wesleyan College students in the early 1900s. The students form the letter K on the steps of a building.
Cyclone Idai caused massive damage and devastation in Mozambique, leaving hundreds dead and thousands homeless. Podcast host Amy Costello talks with host Marco Werman about the long term impact that aid might have on local economies. Plus, the Brexit deadline has unleashed political chaos in the UK. Also, bringing diverse communities together on college campuses.
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A bird walks inside a commuter underground tube train
Luxembourg is set to become the first country in the world to make all public transportation free. Other cities have tried this before and it didn't have the results you'd expect.
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Lilly Singh poses in a magenta gown
Singh built a following of nearly 15 million subscribers and became one of the highest paid YouTube stars.