Full story - December 26, 2018
Woman with short hair wearing a black and white top raises her right arm while reading in front of a microphone.
Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton returned to Jamaica in early December after serving seven years in a US prison on drug charges. Banton got a hero's welcome, despite his infamous, 1993 anti-gay song “Boom Bye Bye” which called for the murder of gay people.
Full story - December 26, 2018
A group of men wearing yellow and green jerseys pose for a team photo.
Four years ago, Alejandro Benítez, a former professional soccer player, decided to help a group of immigrant friends who played pickup soccer in an open field. He had the idea of creating a professional team that would work as an experiment for migrant integration. That’s how Alma de África, “soul of Africa,” was born.
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The company Oneida Limited had been making flatware in Sherrill, New York since 1880, but the factory was shut down in 2005 and work was shifted to Asia. Today, 53 people are working at a new company, Liberty Tabletop, the only manufacturer of flatware in
How much credit, or blame, does Washington deserve for jobs moving back, or not moving back, to the US?
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People are shown in blurred motion walking in front of the New York Stock Exchange.
Chaos in Washington. And uncertainty in the global economy. Are these two things linked? Plus, we look into something that President Donald Trump has talked about frequently — that the US economy has done so well since Trump's inauguration, that hundreds of companies are returning to America's shores. We dig into some of those numbers. And, reggae and dancehall star Buju Banton returns to Jamaica after serving seven years in a US prison on drug charges. Staceyanne Chin, an LGBTQ activist and poet from Jamaica, says that Banton's legacy is a complicated one.
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A woman poses for a photo surrounded by red Christmas ornaments in Bangkok, Thailand.
What does Christmas look like around the world? Here's a peek from Thailand, Pakistan, Iraq, Australia, China and several other countries.
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An pen and ink illustration shows a chaotic scene of women holding children in a crowded area
Illustrator Molly Crabapple spent evenings at the McAllen, Texas bus station, where many migrants arrive after being released from custody. This is what she saw.
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A book is sitting in torn Christmas paper. The title of the book is "Christmas Eve at the Mellops" and a photo caption underneath says "We opened one. We couldn't resist."
Before Ken Watson passed away, he bought 14 Christmas gifts for his neighbor's 2-year-old daughter.
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At a counter in a Latino market, customers wait to buy food while workers cook in the back. In the foreground are huge steel pots.
Tamales are central to Latino holiday celebrations. Some families buy dozens at markets and others gather around a kitchen table to assemble them.
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A man wearing a Santa Claus costume arrives in a pickup truck in El Paso, Texas.
In El Paso’s Chihuahuita neighborhood, where border security is an everyday concern, Border Patrol agents break barriers and build community with an annual Santa Claus visit tradition.
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An exhibition of Soviet ornaments and toys at the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, Massachusetts
Cosmonauts and corncobs on a Christmas tree? Scratch that ... on a New Year's Day tree! That's what you'd find on a holiday tree if you were in the Soviet Union during the Cold War.