Full story - February 01, 2019
Three siblings smile and pose while sitting in the pew of a church
The Tamrazyans, a family of five whose asylum claim had previously been denied, were spared deportation after the four government coalition parties on Tuesday agreed to review several hundred asylum cases involving children who’d spent most of their lives in the Netherlands or were born there.
Full story - February 01, 2019
A young African man wearing a purple and white jacket stands and looks to the left.
Refugees and asylum-seekers in Italy face sudden, forced evictions from refugee centers in a crackdown on asylum rights. They've been uprooted from refugee and migrant centers, with little information about where they're headed next.
Full episode - February 01, 2019
Russian missiles on display.
The United States pulls out of a nuclear treaty. But does that make us safer? And, Apple takes action against Facebook and Google after finding out that the two companies have been distributing apps that violate Apple's rules. Plus, watching the Super Bowl from abroad.
Full story - January 31, 2019
A white man with his first raised, with two white men clapping.
The State of the Union is the president’s opportunity to lay out his own agenda for the year. Here’s what Trump said last year and what actually happened.
Full story - January 31, 2019
Nayib Bukele speaks at a podium.
In El Salvador, where political corruption is rampant, a young mayor with presidential aspirations catapults to the top with one simple promise: he won’t steal.
Full story - January 31, 2019
A glowing billboard on a mobile truck says Free Venezuela.
America’s sanctions against Venezuela have been riddled with controversy. The power crisis that exploded on Jan. 23 raised complex questions about US interventions in Latin America as Venezuela leadership grows more complicated by the day.
Full story - January 31, 2019
Black and white image of several people and a horse standing in front of teepees. A dog howls in the mid-foreground.
Indigenous Crees lived in the northern Plains long before the US-Canada border divided the region. But bisected by the line and labeled “foreign” Indians in the US, Cree were denied basic necessities, work — and eventually, even the right to stay in the country.
Full story - January 30, 2019
a bald man crouches down next to a graffiti-covered stone. he wears a vest that says "erase the hate"
Corey Fleischer removes graffiti whenever he sees it — and then posts to his Instagram account, which has amassed more than 55,000 followers.
Full story - January 30, 2019
a full band on stage, singing and performing in the glow of purple stage lights
Pancho Villa's legendary drama became the perfect subject for an opera created by composer Graham Reynolds called, "Pancho Villa From a Safe Distance."