Full story - November 27, 2018
A campaigner from a political pressure group wears an oversized mask of founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg
For the first time in decades, the UK and nine other countries met to talk about disinformation, fake news, electoral interference and data misuse. But Mark Zuckerberg didn't make an appearance.
Full story - November 27, 2018
Demonstrators from the Stop The War Coalition stage a protest, holding signs.
Senators are poised to vote on a resolution that would cause President Donald Trump to seek Congressional approval before continuing US involvement in the Yemen civil war.
Full story - November 27, 2018
A young man is standing in front of a studio microphone
In an increasingly uncertain time for DACA recipients, Jin Kyu Park hopes his scholarship win shows other undocumented students that change is possible.
Full episode - November 27, 2018
A person waves a red flag with the words "Unifor" on it with a group of others alongside a road.
General Motors says it plans to shut down five North American assembly plants and lay off some 14,000 workers as it concentrates on its best-selling vehicles, mostly SUVs and trucks. We hear from autoworkers in Oshawa, Ontario, whose jobs will disappear. French President Emmanuel Macron says his country is proceeding with plans to leave coal behind and move to clean energy. Plus, host Marco Werman speaks with Jin Park, the first DACA recipient to be offered a Rhodes scholarship at Oxford University in the UK.
Full story - November 26, 2018
the  sign of the Radio Fresh station
Raed Fares, a Syrian activist and journalist, was killed along with a colleague late last week. Fares was the founder of Radio Fresh, a news source for Syrians as well as a critic of the Assad government, as well as of the militants in the opposition. Friends and colleagues fear that that is what led to his shooting.
Full story - November 26, 2018
A large oil tanker docks amid ice and snow in the Arctic. On the side, the ship's name is written in Russian characters.
The Barents Observer keeps a close watch on the Russian Arctic because it’s part of the neighborhood, and because there’s a lot at stake there, for Russians and the rest of us.
Full episode - November 26, 2018
A man uses his shirt to cover his face as he runs from tear gas
Over the weekend there were chaotic scenes in Tijuana, Mexico, as a peaceful march by migrants to the US border crossing ended with some migrants attempting to rush the border and US border patrol responding with tear gas. We'll hear from one migrant mother who worries that the path to US asylum for her and her daughters will only get more difficult now. Also, the incoming president of Mexico discusses a plan that would require asylum-seekers to remain in Mexico while their US applications are pending.
Full episode - November 23, 2018
Aino and Jean Sibelius flanking a letter written by Jean to Aino.
Congress passed the Posse Comitatus Act in 1878 to restrict the use of US military forces for domestic law enforcement. Now that law is in the news again, after President Trump's order authorizing US troops deployed to the border to use lethal force if necessary. Also, Mexico has its own debate over the domestic use of its military as part of the country's battle against organized crime. Plus, two rugby teams will be wearing rainbow laces on their cleats this weekend, in solidarity with a former player who was the subject of a homophobic attack.
Full story - November 22, 2018
closeup of hands shucking corn
Chef Sean Sherman, CEO and founder of the Sioux Chef, wants people to know the true history about the Thanksgiving holiday — and give you a better way to celebrate it. That means learning about the land we live on, the original people who still live on this land and the food we have in common.