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A woman stands near the corner of a house next to a flooded field.
Weeks after Cyclone Idai devastated the coast of Mozambique, coastal cities are still struggling to recover. Disease and poverty have created increasingly dangerous circumstances to those who have lost their homes.
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to a crowd during a visit to the Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem one day ahead of Israeli national elections on April 8, 2019.
The national election campaign in Israel reflects a shift to the right for voters.
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A woman in an orange hoodie has her back to the camera and is pointing to the left. Behind is a blurred collection of faces.
Maria Ressa of the social media news site Rappler faces 11 different indictments from the Philippine government. She says she stunned at how things have changed in the Philippines and warns her country is the "canary in the coal mine."
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Jeroen Nijland
Amsterdam is one of the biggest destinations for businesses looking for a new home amid Brexit.
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Trump has his hand in the air as he is speaking to a group.
A change in management at the Department of Homeland Security signals there may be tougher immigration policies coming from Washington. Plus, the "Brexodus" continues as the UK remains in political gridlock over exiting the European Union and some companies are relocating to mainland Europe, taking jobs with them. And climate refugees come to a small city in Georgia.
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Women protest with transgender flags
Transgender activist Karina Samala is one of many — including George Clooney — who is calling for a boycott of hotels owned by Brunei because of the Southeast Asian nation's plans to impose the death penalty for people having gay sex or committing adultery.
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A customer pushes her shopping cart, filled with Chinese-made products, after making a purchase at a Target in Chicago, Illinois.
President Donald Trump says an “epic” trade deal with China is near completion. Many say Trump is overselling any agreement. And new research shows that the tariffs are taking a toll with a clear loser: US consumers.
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A hand holds a cell phone that is playing a facebook live video and angry faces are showing up in the bottom right corner
Critics say the law is too vague and could end up causing too much content to be censored or disproportionately affect already-marginalized groups.
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A framed photo of a black man is held by a crowd with balloons.
The death of rapper Nipsey Hussle has sparked vigils in the Eritrean diaspora across the US and the world. For many, Hussle was more than just an artist, he was known for his investment in the community and bringing Eritrea into the limelight.
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What’s the right way to address bullying of Muslim students in American schools? A drawn-out legal struggle in San Diego that asked that question has finally ended.