Many street food vendors will be forced to change their ways as India's food safety law is enforced.
US, England, France and Germany have all called for Syria’s President Assad to step down over his suppression of protesters.
Conservation International used hidden cameras to collect 52,000 images of mammals in the wild from Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia.
Concerns in UK over sentencing of two men to four years in prison for encouraging people to riot by posting messages on Facebook.
The new London play follows conversations between young Syrians as they live through one week of the uprising -- all of it by email.
Globalization has transformed some fish processing plants in Alaska, where most of the workers now are foreign students.
There have been 81 thefts of Rembrandts in the past 100 years -- the Dutch artist is the second most stolen artist in history, behind Picasso.
Etiquette group claims German women are sick of being greeted with kisses by bosses and colleagues, and want to ban the practice from the workplace.
European heads-of-state are openly questioning the wisdom of multiculturalism, a mainstay of European social policy for decades.
More than 1200 have been arrested so far for starting fires, looting and assault during London riots.