Calls for social justice and police reform have gained momentum as unrest continues across around the world in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. These calls are intersecting with the coronavirus pandemic. As part of our regular series discussing the coronavirus crisis, The World's health reporter Elana Gordon moderated a live conversation with David Harris, managing director of the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race & Justice at Harvard Law School.

The $40 million dollar fund made a profit of almost two percent in its first month of trading by using Tweets to gauge public's mood.
In Egypt, the "Ultras" or soccer hooligans are taking center stage in Egyptian politics and fueling violent unrest.
Over a three-day stay at a luxury divorce hotel in the Netherlands, a mediator and other specialists – notaries, even psychologists – are on hand to help couples get divorced.
Violent demonstrations in Cairo over the weekend led to an attack on Israeli embassy and the evacuation of diplomatic staff.
Gary Locke is the first Chinese-American to serve as ambassador to China, and some Chinese are hopeful he can bridge cultures.
As Indians become more prosperous and have access to technology that can tell them the sex of a fetus, they are increasingly choosing to abort girls.
Scientists studying the psychological impact of 9/11 on New Yorkers make surprising finding on resilience in survivors.
The challenges to teaching about 9/11 when students are increasingly too young to have many actual memories of the events of that day.
Some streets in Indonesia are restricted to cars with three riders, so Indonesians are making a living by renting themselves out as riders.
Ancient Andean crops and farming methods are revived as Peruvians struggle to deal with the effects of climate change.