A new report released Tuesday provides the clearest evidence yet that Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons. In Israel, that has many speculating the country may act militarily, and unilaterally, to push back the Iranian program.
An Asian-American is expected to be elected mayor of San Francisco today and perhaps because of that, the Chinese-language media, most based in Hong Kong, Taiwan or China, are covering it closely not only for a foreign audience, but in San Francisco as well.
A dispute between neighbors led to one of Bangkok's last line of defense from vicious spring floods being torn down, inundating new areas with flood waters.
June and Jean Millington, trailblazers of rock and roll, have released a new album, Play Like A Girl — and they're doing it while they battle a new form of discrimination: ageism.
As the months since the Arab Spring protests in Tahrir Square drag on, thousands of those who protested now find themselves under fire from the very people they thought had fulfilled their dreams.
A German musician is making waves on the Internet by turning financial data into often-depressing musical arrangements. Johannes Kreidler has tied musical notes to falling stock prices.
New research out of the United Kingdom indicates that people with larger social networks, especially early in life, will develop larger brain areas.
As Europe's and America's economies falter, there's one nation standing above the trouble: Poland. In 20 years since the end of the Cold War, Poland has not once endured a recession.
Bangkok's flooding has displaced thousands of Thais, and it's also left many of their pets without a place to go. Fortunately, volunteers are trying to help.
A chef in San Francisco is hoping to encourage more people to eat insects rather than or as a supplement to meat. They've been on menus for centuries.